➡️ Scale model kits & miniatures & accessories (primarily sci-fi and what-if)
➡️ Design & production
➡️ Resin casting services

KOMBINAT, founded in 2017, is a studio focused on developing special scale model kits and miniatures based on digital and traditional 3D designs, 2D art, sculptures. Emphasis is on mecha, sci-fi, and technology.

Our mission

To give voice to modelers, diorama makers, sculptors, and painters with passion for unique creations and hungry for art.

What we do

We produce entire scale model kits, miniatures and accessories for modelling. Their quality exceeds the capabilities of 3D printing. The level of detail is beyond the reach of classic styrene plastic models, at a fraction of the initial cost. Materials are polyurethane resin and metal, often enriched with professional decals and photo-etched elements. Send a message to turn your digital or analog masterpieces into real objects, get something casted. Or order a complete kit today.

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