5DR Rescue Labor mecha WIP: full leg assembly

RESCUE LABOR premium mecha resin kit by KOMBINAT is planned for late 2020. Recently a test of assembly has been performed to make sure everything fits. It turns out that modelers will have lots of authentic fun while gluing and painting.

The tested segment is a left leg, all have been made of high-quality polyurethane resin. Springs are made of copper. Please be assured that what you see on screen is unprocessed and raw, so it differs from what you would find in the final box.

Length of all the presented elements combined as a whole leg is 170mm. The total height of the model will be 200mm.

The black parts that appear at 6:40 are also resin and have been previosuly glued and primed. 

See other blog posts, e.g. the wip tag, for more pictures and info. You can follow our projects on facebook.com/TheKombinat or  twitter.com/TheKombinat.

(All rights for the design and the multimedia reserved, (c) KOMBINAT. Music: www.bensound.com)

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