Drone's fuselage

Some time ago I started a work on Militia Drone. This is a first work-in-progress post for it.

Fuselage surface

Unlike the 5DR mecha, this project will use less 3D printing and instead more interesting physical objects, scratch building. I started with a fuselage of a simple shape, well coated with auto primer and sanded. It took like 4 or 5 sequences.

Originally it was made of a quite rigid plastic, so before any more complicated modification I took my usual route - I casted a copy in my favorite resin. Then cutting holes and gluing is much easier.

Without 3D printing we have to draw accurate lines on surfaces and make better plans. On the other side fixing 3D printing artifacts can be uglier  job than cleaning "analog" creations.

Here's a hole for the airflow intake. I've used a sticker with accurate circle.

Intake hole

Intake fit test video:

The workshop's foreman

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